Why Exhibit

Show your business to the world! Going to the right exhibition can reap benefits. The exhibition must be appropriate and attract customers that want your business.

Business Benefits

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Showcase New Products & Services
  • Meet / Expand Customer Base
  • Close Sales
  • Competitor Awareness
  • Networking
  • Promote Company Strength
  • Recruitment

Is Event Support Required

For an exhibition, event support allows you to spend your time on customer and prospect contact, without the distraction of keeping the exhibition stand in order. Your team is focused on your clients.

Those Essential Tasks

  • Storage Space for Materials
  • Finding the Materials
  • Staff Allocation
  • Ordering Materials ‘last-minute’
  • Early Travel & Set Up of Stand
  • Leaving Late / Traffic
  • Organising Materials Post-Event

Exposure help at Exhibitions

Its not just at the exhibition, we assist with the planning, storage of equipment, replacement of marketing materials, repairs to equipment, so that your stand is always ready for the next exhibition.

Exposure help at Exhibitions

  • One Stop Shop
  • Store your Marketing Materials
  • Identify Suitable Events
  • Deliver Materials to the Event
  • Stand Build and Set-Up
  • On Site Support during Event
  • Stand Staffing
  • Pack Down of the Stand
  • Return Materials to Storage
  • Stock Check and Minor Repairs
  • Re-Stock / Order of Materials
  • Design and Supply New Stands

Regular Exhibitor? Busy Staff?

Then let us sort out your event support

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